Spill Control

BOP – Oil absorbent pads packaged in bales of either 12 oz. or 6 oz. These pads are great for absorbing any oil spilled on the ground in a shop. They also come in grey pads, which absorb both oil and water.

BOOM - 5’x10” oil-only boom used to absorb oil in spills in a body of water. They are excellent for marinas, fire departments, and haz-mat response teams.

OP55 – Oil drum cover to absorb oil that is leaking out of the top of an oil drum to absorb messy drips and overflow when mixing or pumping liquids. They fit perfectly on a drum and keep the top clean and grime-free.

Oil Dry – 40 lb. bag of floor absorbents that can be used as a quick and easy means to absorb a wide variety of liquid spills and leaks around machinery, hoses, pumps, and general floor areas.


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