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Growing Strong Since 1930.

How it All Began

A Look Back to the 1930's

Bigelow Products was founded on rags, rags and only rags back in the late 1930’s by Nathan Sniederman. Nathan established his warehouse on Herman St. in Worcester, MA and began going door to door selling rags, finding much success. Nathan knew that rags were such a highly sought after product that are used in so many different industries. Over the years as manufacturing became bigger and bigger in the USA, Bigelow has been around to provide rags for mechanics, machine shops and all the new manufacturers that were popping up as new industries were created throughout the mid-1900’s. Nathan’s son-in-law, Dickie Gotz, took over the business in the 1970’s and continued to provide rags to business throughout New England and the country.


How it's Going

Bigelow Products today

In 2008 Bigelow was sold to father and son Stephen and Garett Lowe, who run the business today. The Lowes continue to sell rags and have added a variety of specialty wipers, absorbent products and disposable gloves to the product line. As specialty cleanroom and controlled environments wipers have become a big need in recent years in industries such as medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, aerospace and biotech, those products have become the focus of the business. Now Bigelow is one of the largest distributors of cleanroom wipers, rags, absorbent pads and general paper and cloth wipers in the USA.



What We Believe in Everyday

With almost a century of industry experience we strive to provide the best option for your cleaning application.

Autumn Road

From Our CEO

Welcome and Thank You!

Thank you for taking a look at our website. We strive to offer a wide variety of rags, absorbents, disposable gloves and cleanroom wipers in order to fulfill any need that you may have within your business or your household. If you have any questions about our products please email us or give us a call. We are always available. Thank you!

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