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MassDEP Waste Ban Update from Bigelow Products

As of November 1, 2022 The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection imposed a ban on throwing away textiles and mattresses. We here at Bigelow Products love recycling and are excited about this news because every year Massachusetts businesses and residents throw away 230,000 tons of usable textiles of which 95% can be converted to wiping cloths or recycled into new fiber-based products. In addition, the mattresses are deconstructed and separated by springs, foam, fibers, upholstery and wood items and then shipped to companies who repurpose the materials. The more items recycled, the happier Bigelow Products is.

One question that has arisen from our customers is "What do we do with our rags that have already been used in our shop?" Well, according to the MassDEP, the already contaminated rags are not recyclable and therefore excluded from the ban and should be thrown out with the normal trash. Those textiles had already gotten their second life and were reused, which is the goal of this new waste ban.

If you are looking for where to donate your old unwanted clothing and textiles please follow this link.

Don't forget, clothing with stains, rips or broken zippers are happily accepted at the donation bins and centers because everything is sorted accordingly and either sold at thrift shops, donated overseas to less fortunate countries, converted to wiping cloths or repurposed. Only items that are wet or moldy or contaminated with oil or hazardous materials, should not be donated.

If you have any questions about this we will be happy to answer at 1-800-947-2200.

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