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Highly absorbent mini booms meant to be used in the boat bilge to absorb oils and fuels from contaminated bilge waters to prevent pollution into marine waters.  Another popular use is in machine shops to set on top of machine coolant tanks to absorb tramp oil that floats on the coolant water. Since they have a small rope at the end they can be tied down to keep still. They come in sizes 5"x15" and 8"x18".

Oil Only Bilge Booms

    • Use in boat bilges of all sizes
    • 5"x15" for smaller pleasure crafts
    • 8"x18" for larger commercial sized boats
    • Can be used in machine shops for absorbing tramp oil
    • 12 booms/case in the 5"x15"
    • 10 booms/case in the 8"x18"
    • We want you to be completely satisfied. If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase please email us and we will make arrangements for your return. Certain cleanroom wipers are not eligible for return.

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