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Southern Polyuerthanes (SPI) Epoxy Primer is a type of primer that provides unsurpassed corrosion protection, excellent chemical resistance, and excellent adhesion to untreated aluminum. It is available in gray, white, black, and red oxide, and can be activated with part # 6700-1 or 6700-4 at a 1:1 mix ratio. It is easily sandable and contains U.V. inhibitors. The primer dries to a semi-gloss finish, which makes it easy to see where dings are. It has a 12-16 hour dry sand time depending on temperature, and a 30 minute flash time at 70 degrees. This primer and activator is available  in both quarts and gallons.

Southern Polyurethanes (SPI) Epoxy Primer

    • Available in Gray, White, Black & Red Oxide​​
    •  Available in Gallons or Quarts, Activates with 6700-1 or 6700-4​
    • Easily sandable unlike many other epoxies​​
    • 12-16 hour dry sand time depending on temperature​​
    •  30 minute flash time at 70 degrees, base over in as little as 4 hours at 1:1​
    •  Contains U.V. Inhibitors​
    •  1:1 mix ratio, reduce 5-50% to use as a sealer​
    •  Gun Tip Size - 1.4-1.5​
    •  Induce at least 30 minutes

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