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Southern Polyurethanes (SPI) Speed Clear is a premier product used to bring life back to weathered, faded and scratched paint on your car. When applied it is extremely easy to fill in light scratches and scuffs and bring the gloss back to the neglected and damaged paint. It is a great product for making the paint look better without the high costs of a full-blown paint correction.  It is available in .75 gallons only and activates with a slow, medium or fast activator at a 3:1 mix ratio. The speed clear and activator are sold together.

Southern Polyurethanes (SPI) Speed Clear

SKU: SPI3100-1
    • 2.1 VOC

    •  Medium Solids Panel Clear

    •  Available in .75 Gallon only

    •  Activates with 3101-4, 3102-4 or 3103-4

    •  5 day buffing window

    •  Bake or air dry, if baked it can be buffed after cool down

    •  3:1 mix ratio

    •  Gun Tip Size - 1.3 or 1.4

    •  Bake up to 130 degrees up to 10 minutes

    •  Pot Life - 30 minutes at 75 degrees

    •  Spray two wet coats back to back

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