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Get ready for the final coat on new parts or auto body repairs with this gray or black 2K primer and activator combination. High-build urethane primer is a versatile surfacer that can be applied over bare metal, body filler, epoxy primer, existing paint and much more. Since it is a sandable primer and fills imperfections as you spray, it’s great if you want to get an older surface perfectly smooth. This turbo 2k primer comes in gray, black or white and in gallons only and has a 4:1:1 mix ratio with the part# 6350-4 activator (no charge) and part# 870, 885 or 895 urethane reducer. With the purchase of the turbo 2K primer, the quart of activator is automatically included.

Southern Polyurethanes SPI Turbo 2k Primer

    •  Available in Gray, Black or White​​
    •  Available in Gallon only​
    •  Activates with 6350-4
    • No charge on the 6350-4 activator​​ - necessary quart automatically included with purchase
    •  Can be used with SPI Polar Accelerator or Retarder​
    •  30 - 60 minute sand time depending on temperature​​
    •  Builds 2 - 2.5 mils at 4:1, 1.8-2 mils at 4:1:1​​
    • All shrinkage (minimal) occurs in first 3 hours​
    • 4:1:1 mix ratio​
    • Can mix 4:1 for higher film build​
    •  Gun Tip Size - 1.8 - 2.5

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