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Southern Polyurethanes (SPI) Universal Clearcoat has been featured on many world-class restorations including Pebble Beach Concours winners. Over the last two decades, thousands of rods, bikes and other restorations have been finished with this clear as well. Universal Clear is easy to spray, hard to run and buffs easy even months after application. It is available in gallons or quarts and activates with part # 4001-4 to 4004-4 depending on the speed. The activator options are fast, medium, slow or very slow. Activator is included with purchase of Universal Clear.

Southern Polyurethanes (SPI) Universal Clearcoat

    • Our Highest solids restoration clear​​

    •  High gloss / flexible clear

    •  Available in Gallons or Quarts

    •  Activates with 4001 to 4004-4 (Activator included with purchase of Universal Clear)

    •  Can be used with SPI Polar Accelerator or Retarder

    •  Infinite Buffing window

    •  1:1 mix ratio

    •  Gun Tip Size - 1.4

    •  Can Reduce with SPI reducers up to 5% using slower speed than activators

    •  Pot Life - 2-3 hours at 75 degrees

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