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Southern Polyurethanes SPI 2K High Build Primer is great for smoothing car surfaces before painting. It will fill in imperfections on the metal finishing. It will help the paint stick to the car as well as resisiting moisture damage caused by water permeation. This high build primer comes in gray gallons only and has a 4:1 mix ratio with the part# 7001-4 activator.

Southern Polyurethanes (SPI) 2K High Build Primer

    •  Available in Gray only
    •  Available in Gallon only​
    • Part# SPI8000-1
    •  Activates with 7001-4​​
    •  Can be used with SPI Polar Accelerator or Retarder​
    • 30 - 60 minute sand time depending on temperature about 2 - 2.5 mills per coat not reduced​
    • 4:1 mix ratio
    •  Gun Tip Size - 2 - 2.5​
    • Reduce with SPI 870, 885 or 895 up to 25%​
    • Pot Life - 30-45 minutes at 75 degrees
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