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A two drum spill pallet is the perfect size to store two drums side by side that contains hazardous materials. It allows for a great form of secondary containment in the case of a spill and protects the environment and employees working in the area. These pallets come in both a low profile that contains up to 30 gallons and the high profile version that will contain up to 66 gallons. Low profile dimensions are 26.25"x51.5"x6.5". High profile dimensions are 51"x26.25"x13.75"

Two Drum Spill Pallet

    • Two Drum Spill Pallet
    • Low profile holds up to 30 gallons
    •  High profile holds up to 66 gallons
    • Keeps hazardous materials contained
    • 26.25"x51.5"x6.5" - Low Profile
    • 51"x26.25"x13.75" - High Profile
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